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The last version of the libpts++ is 1.0rc2
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News :

Feburary, 23, 2006 ->
libpts 1.0 late !!
January, 17, 2006
-> The libPTS++ 1.0 final release coming soon !

What's libPTS++ ?

library Posix Thread and Socket makes it possible to implement pThreads and of Sockets in C ++It is based on the GlibC  and Winsock2 librairies for Sockets and NPTL (Native Posix Thread Library) and POSIX Threads for WIN32 libraries for the pThreads and provided to users classes simple to use, similar to the model JAVA of Sun.
For the moment it is directed towards the development of multithreads TCP servers and its associated clients.

Which OS ?

It was developed for Linux and Microsoft Windows (via MinGW). With a development respecting standard POSIX scrupulously, it is also compilable under Sun Solaris and MAC OS X, but we did not test it yet under these OS That is likely to take a certain time, because we do not have stations under Solaris or MAC for the moment. We currently search people for tested the library under these OS. if you are interested ....

Where is documentation ?

Documentation is available in two forms:
On line : Documentation
Off line : On this page

Installation ?

For the moment it does not have a specific installation. The use is actually rather simple.

Under Linux :

Put the headers as well as the so in your work directory (by ex: Include the headers which you need in your program and during compilation link the .so. At the time of this linkage, show well the complete way of the so (ex: g++ main.o /home/my/

Under Windows

Defer you to the documentation of your programming environment software (Microsoft Visual C++, devC++, MinGW).

If you are not able to serve of this library, and that you think that this problem is impossible for you; -), we will be happy help you, for that go on the project management page header "support".

You think of having detected a bugs !

You can defer us these bugs on the
 project management page header "bugs". While explaining at the time of which actions the bugs start.If you can, send to us code part (or an example) starting these bugs, which will allow to us to correct them more quickly.


The libPTS++ library is protected by the free protective licence GNU LGPL (General Lesser Public License). You can consult the English text on this page.

Who are the authors ?

Jonathan MERCIER and Rodolphe FOISSY, studying in first year of MASTER M-STIC at the university of Reims Champagne-Ardennes in France.


We make a point of thanking Olivier Flauzac, lecturer at the university of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in France, initiator of this project, and only tester for the moment...

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